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Sometimes when we are feeling amazing or perhaps not-so-good, we’re not always aware of what is contributing to our pleasure or discomfort.

A great way to learn more about yourself and how cannabis use affects you and your sex life is to keep a cannabis journal or download a cannabis tracking app.

The following cannabis journal and cannabis tracking apps are a few options to consider.


Strainprint cannabis tracking app screenshots.
Strainprint cannabis tracking app screenshots.

Strainprint is a personal cannabis tracking app available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

The goal of Strainprint is to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis with data by guiding responsible medical and recreational experiences.

The Strainprint app is meant to help cannabis users find what works best for them and their specific needs. In particular, it enables cannabis users to learn what strain types, THC and CBD levels, ingestion methods as well as specific doses and amounts suit them or relieve discomfort.

The folks at Strainprint also recognize the importance of sexual health. In 2020, the cannabis company released results from a survey on cannabis use and sex.

Two-thirds of respondents said they use cannabis to improve their sex lives. In addition, more than 50% said they use cannabis to have better orgasms.

Gold Leaf Cannabis Journals

If you prefer writing or keeping a hardcopy cannabis journal, then you may be interested in the Goldleaf Patient Journal.

Goldleaf's Guided Cannabis Journals
Goldleaf’s guided cannabis journals offer a fun and educational way to track cannabis use.

Goldlfeaf’s focus on education and design will win over anyone who loves to journal.

The company’s guided cannabis journals and educational notebooks are made for cannabis patients, growers, and enthusiasts. They also feature templated pages, helpful charts, and an easy-to-use layout to highlight section topics.

According to Goldleaf, the Patient cannabis journal was developed in partnership with leading medical professionals. It is intended to simplify the process of determining whether or not cannabis is helping with symptoms. In addition, the cannabis notebook provides the tools to chart important factors in therapy or treatment.

If you are into CBD only, another relevant cannabis journal that may appeal to the readers is the CBD Dotter journal. It is designed to easily track the efficacy of personal CBD wellness treatments.

Releaf app

The Releaf app encourages cannabis users to mindfully track their experiences.

Smartphone screenshots of Releaf app for tracking cannabis use.
Smartphone screenshots of the Releaf app for tracking cannabis use.

By logging your data over time while noting cannabis doses and types, the creators hope you will better understand how cannabis may help alleviate certain symptoms. Overall, the intention is that cannabis users developed a stronger relationship with themselves.

The Relfeaf app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.