CBD Gummies for Sleep in Canada

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I’m a longtime cannabis user, and now that it is legal in Canada I often get questions from older adults who want to try cannabis-related products for the first time.

For now, I can only recommend one product of CBD gummies for sleep in Canada. It’s worked for two women I know in their 70s who were having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. One is my aunt, and the other is my mother’s friend.

As a word of caution, all this information I am sharing is for educational purposes only. Always talk to a doctor or healthcare provider before taking any cannabis products.

Recently, my aunt who is in her 70s needed something to help her stay asleep. She was waking up every hour and some nights she was not able to get to sleep at all. Anyone who’s experienced trouble sleeping knows how terrible it is and how sleep deprivation can impact your mental and physical health.

Personally, I prefer high THC levels and haven’t tried CBD gummies for sleep. In the past, I have used THC and CBD oils to help me sleep, but I can’t solidly say one or another was my so-called sleeping aid of choice.

monjour CBD gummies for sleep

My aunt wanted to try CBD gummies, and fortunately, my mother’s friend told sent us a photo monjour CBD gummies “Berry Good Day” that she said were helping her sleep at night. They came in a pack of 30 for $32.99, before tax. I bought them at the Friendly Stranger. monjour seems to be a popular CBD gummies brand I see is also available at the Ontario Cannabis Store. I heard the Canna Cabana also has decent prices, but I haven’t been there myself

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After trying one the first night, my aunt said she was able to fall asleep and stay asleep for the first night in a few days. Even though one gummy worked, she thought it was perhaps too much and tried doing half a gummy the next night. When the half gummy didn’t kick in 30 minutes later, she ate the other half. Turns out, she needs a full gummy all at once for her to feel some effects that help her sleep.

Note that each of the CBD gummies has 20mg of CBD and 0.05mg of THC, which really is barely any THC at all, in my perspective, as someone who likes 510 vape cartridges with 80% THC. I bring this up in comparison because seeing THC on a label seems to turn off many people, even if it is in both small amounts and a small proportion compared to CBD levels.

On the other hand, a female friend of mine in her early thirties tried these CBD gummies for sleep and they didn’t do anything for her. She has tried cannabis a few times before, but never enjoyed how it made her feel or felt its therapeutic effects. She did have luck recently using a form of melatonin.

monjour bare sugar free CBN and CBD gummies for sleep
monjour bare sugar-free CBN, THC, and CBD gummies for sleep.

All this being said, talk to your doctor or a healthcare provider before taking any cannabis products or melatonin sleep aids. I hope this post helps some people in their search for CBD gummies for sleep in Canada. I will update it with more feedback if I get any from the women, and will include more recommendations if I think any product is worth sharing.

Before I go, monjour also sells a type of cannabis gummy it actually promotes as working for sleep. Called CBN Bedtime Blueberry Lemon, it includes the compounds CBN, CBD, and THC. I can’t recommend it as I just discovered it while writing this post. Each package contains four gummies and each gummy contains 7.5mg of CBN, 20mg of CBD, and 2.5mg of THC.

The monjour website shares more information on the potential sedative effects of THC and CBN, referencing a study published in the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine called “Novel Formulation of THC and CBN in a Repeat-Action Tablet Improves Objective and Subjective Measurements of Sleep.”

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