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Earlier this year, Canadian cannabis company Strainprint wanted to get the lowdown on how people are using marijuana in the bedroom. So it created a so-called cannabis libido survey and collected 1,383 anonymous responses on how cannabis affects the sexual experience of different people.

Lucky for us, Strainprint also released the results of the cannabis libido survey as an infographic! We share the best bits below, which cover not just sexual climax and orgasm intensity but also sexual intimacy.

‘Sex is better when I use cannabis’

A cannabis libido survey finds two-thirds of respondents said they use cannabis to enhance their sex life. More than half used cannabis to achieve a better orgasm.
Two-thirds of people surveyed said they use cannabis to enhance their sex life. More than half used cannabis to achieve a better orgasm.

Of the survey respondents, three-quarters said they use cannabis to enhance their sex life.

In total, 53% claimed cannabis helped them achieve better orgasms.

Cannabis and libido

44% reported that cannabis increased their libidos while 42% said it helped them connect with their partners.

What about stamina and endurance? 27% reported cannabis helped in these areas as well. It also shouldn’t be surprising that 25% said the green goodness reduced pain caused by chronic illness.

17% used cannabis to reduce pain as needed and 8.5% reported it eased symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

5% also claimed it reduced impotence.

Most people said sex is better when they use cannabis, according to survey results.
Most people surveyed strongly agree that sex is better when they use cannabis

We’re assuming the sample size was biased in favour of cannabis users. It would make sense since Strainprint invited participants via its newsletter and social media.

Still, we can’t help but silently cheer in solidarity with the combined 87% who either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that sex is better with cannabis.

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Age, gender, and THC

Results by gender and product use show that THC dominant cannabis products are favoured for enhacning sex.
Survey respondents largely preferred THC-dominant products to enhance their sexual experiences.

The gender ratio of respondents was fairly evenly split at 52% identifying as women as 44% as men. Most participants were between the ages of 25 and 44. However, the results include people as young as 18 and older than 65.

THC-dominant cannabis products were also the most popular, with a whopping 69% calling it their preference.

Age groupPercentage

In terms of frequency, 20% said they always use cannabis to improve sex while 44% reported using it often. One-third only said they only use cannabis sometimes to up the pleasure of the experience. For 3%, on the other hand, cannabis was rarely a factor in their sex lives.

Read the full results of the cannabis libido and sex survey at the Strainprint website.

You can also scroll through the embedded Instagram post below to view the cannabis libido infographic.

Image sources: Strainprint. WebLab24_Siti_Web