Hello, I’m Lady Cannabis and I’m the writer and creator of CannabisandSex.ca.

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No, that’s not my birth name, but it allows me some thinly veiled privacy as I write about mental health, sexual health, and cannabis.

I’ve used cannabis for more than 15 years and am thrilled to see it finally legalized in Canada.

If I could have walked down to the pot shop on the corner for pre-rolls back then, the social trajectory of my 20s would likely have been very different… but I digress.

I began smoking marijuana regularly at 19 as a way to manage debilitating stress. Constantly feeling in states of anxiety and depression made life feel unbearable. At its worst, I’d have consecutive nights of insomnia as well as panic attacks that left me puking.

Cannabis hasn’t been a cure, and it’s not a silver bullet for all forms of discomfort or dis-ease. What cannabis has done for me is enhanced my quality of life by letting my nervous system relax. It’s helped me slow down and be more compassionate for myself. It’s also eased my suffering with experiences of chronic pain caused by scoliosis in the spine and a dislocated hip.

Cannabis health risks

This is not medical advice or a recommendation for any mental health treatment. I am simply sharing some of my story so readers can know more about the person writing about the cannabis products in Canada for sexual health and wellness.

Cannabis also affects everybody differently. Doctors will often suggest adults not try cannabis until they are over 25, when the brain is fully developed. Some research shows a risk of early marijuana use may be responsible for triggering mental health disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Studies have also revealed a risk factor for heart attacks as cannabis use can increase your heart rate while you are under its effects.

For more information on how cannabis affects the body and brain, I suggest listing the Huberman Lab podcast episode on the subject. It is hosted by Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., a neuroscientist and tenured Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Today, I rarely smoke cannabis but opt for vaping and edibles. At the moment I am working out a plan to transition from oil vape cartridges to dry herb vapes and edibles only, for the sake of my lungs.

I am not aware of health research on the different risks associated with oil vape cartridges (used with 510 batteries) or dry herb vaping. However, cannabis connoisseurs I look up to tell me dry herb vaping has fewer health risks.

So thank you for stopping by! I hope to share some useful information on cannabis sexual wellness products that may improve the intimate lives of readers.


Lady Cannabis

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